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JavaScript Books

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JavaScript is a versatile programming language with a wide range of applications. According to the 2020 StackOverflow Developer survey, JavaScript is the most commonly used programming language with about 70% of the respondents using JavaScript. Learning JavaScript is a gateway to learning more about front-end and back-end web frameworks to develop a website or app. You can also combine your knowledge of WordPress Development with JavaScript to start your own business. Let’s look at some JavaScript books that you can use to start learning JavaScript on your own.

JavaScript Books: Quick Look

Overall Best JavaScript Book for Beginners: Head First JavaScript

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Head First JavaScript covers the fundamentals of JavaScript using a hands-on approach. The book uses visuals and text to make learning interesting and uses exercises to help you learn how to apply what you learn. It includes a project to build your own game of Battleship to keep you more involved with learning the language.

Best Free JavaScript Book: Eloquent JavaScript

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Let’s look at all the books to learn JavaScript

1. Head First JavaScript

The Head First series of books are great resources to learn programming languages like Java and Python. This book starts right at the beginning and covers the fundamentals you need to know. Learning JavaScript is best when you are much more hands-on. Head First JavaScript covers making a Battleship game with JavaScript which helps you think of how to apply what you learn. The book also covers other basics such as DOM manipulation, objects, inheritance, etc.

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2. JavaScript: The Definitive Guide

If you are looking for all the basics of JavaScript in one location this book is a great resource. The book covers frontend and backend applications of JavaScript including Node.JS concepts. Server-side JavaScript with Node is really popular and powers many applications. Besides covering Node, the book also covers other concepts like Promises, Async/Await, JSON, objects, etc.

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3. JavaScript: The Good Parts

This book is aimed at programmers who want to know all the important components of JavaScript. It covers widely used concepts in JavaScript, however, the book assumes some programming background. If you are a complete beginner to JavaScript and programming, you should consider some of the other books mentioned on this page. This book covers Regular Expressions, Objects, Inheritance, etc.

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4. You Don’t Know JS Yet

This is a set of six (thin) books covering different aspects of JavaScript. The first two books titled, “You Don’t Know JS Yet” cover the basics of JavaScript, how it works in the browser, functions, and modules. The rest of the books titled “You Don’t Know JS” cover objects, Async/Await, and ES6 syntax. The six books are broken down into digestible chunks that can help you pace yourself when learning JavaScript. This is a good series of books to learn JavaScript if you are a beginner.

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5. Eloquent JavaScript (Free)

Eloquent JavaScript covers the basics of JavaScript like data types, functions, objects, etc. Additionally, it also covers some server-side and client-side applications of JavaScript including DOM manipulation and Node.JS. This book provides enough information to help you master JavaScript. Eloquent JavaScript can also be accessed for free online but the physical and Kindle versions of the book can be purchased on Amazon.

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6. Smarter Way To Learn JavaScript

This book has a hands-on and unconventional approach to learning the basics of JavaScript with a special focus on better retention. It actively employs retrieval when learning how to code which helps you recall what you learn when you need to. The approach used by Smarter Way To Learn JavaScript can be broken into two parts. The first part involves reading a chapter from the book. The second part involves completing interactive exercises online related to what you just read in the book. You actively test yourself with this book to see what you know and what you don’t.

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7. Learn JavaScript Visually

Learn JavaScript Visually aims to make learning JavaScript interesting by using illustrations rather than just text. It seeks to move away from being grouped with other books that some might consider to be drab. The book covers all the JavaScript basics you need to know through visuals and interactive exercises.

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8. Understanding ECMAScript 6

ECMAScript 6 or ES6 was one of the major updates to JavaScript which is widely used for client-side and server-side applications. This book is useful if you are familiar with ES5 syntax and want to learn ES6 so if you are a beginner, it is better to consider some other book mentioned on this page. The book covers some of the quintessential aspects of ES6: arrow functions, promises, etc.

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9. JavaScript and jQuery

This book assumes little to no programming experience and covers the basics of JavaScript and jQuery. The book starts out with the fundamentals of JavaScript and then transitions into using jQuery. Besides covering concepts like Ajax, JSON, etc., the book also goes over how you can recreate some popular web techniques including sliders and form validation. You can gain enough knowledge of JavaScript and jQuery to design interactive websites using this book.

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